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@Ackronem @HashtagMichelle #Octonights guys..guys..Octonights is Monday night !! Manyana !! Monday....

TONIGHT : House Party 1997 -- 90's Dance Party w @jdackerman @danielberube @jimmy2times ! Gonna b a fun one.. 10pm 21+


Upcoming Events

Flip Phone Dance Party - 96-04 - Scream
Thursday August 25, 2016
09:30 PM - 01:45 AM

A Dance Party tribute to Michael and Janet

+DJ Flip Style TC spins
21+, $5 cover
$4 taps and cocktails until midnight

Gabriel and Lena Elizabeth
Thursday August 25, 2016
07:15 PM - 09:15 PM

Lena Elizabeth - 7:30 
Gabriel w/ Miles Jameson - 8:15

there was a toad in the garden, so i kissed it. nothing happened, but my lips are all cheesy now. 

i'll be playing my solo music and my cousin will play her beautiful tunes as well. the music will heal our cheesy hearts, i promise.